Beer & Theology – “Wittgenstein and Newspapers Today” with Stephen Godsell (Friday 22nd November)

Our 33rd Beer and Theology, in association with The Centre for Theology and Community and the Hurtado Jesuit Centre, will be with Stephen Godsell, General Counsel and Newspaper Company Secretary.

The subject will be "Wittgenstein and Newspapers Today".

This is open to all and provides a chance to get together, have a drink, meet some new faces and talk about theology.

We shall be meeting on the ground floor of the pub, for wheelchair access.

It's 6.30pm-8.30pm on Friday 22nd November at The Angel (101 Bermondsey Wall East, Rotherhithe, SE16 4NB).


Past Beer and Theology Events

Beer & Theology One. David Barclay 05/02/16 :- How churches talk about money
Beer & Theology Two. Rebecca Gormally 18/03/16 :- Crisis in Children's Care & Education
Beer & Theology Three. Jos Downey 13/05/16 :- Science and Theology
Beer & Theology Four. Angus Ritchie 01/07/16 :- What is Sacramental Life?
Beer & Theology Five. John Moffat SJ 16/09/16 :- Eucharistic Economics
Beer & Theology Six. Andy Walton 04/11/16 :- Strike A Happy Media
Beer & Theology Seven. Lily Botras 02/12/16 :- What Happened to the Arab Spring?
Beer & Theology Eight. Dr Muthuraj Swamy 06/01/17:- Inter Faith Dialogue: Is it Worth It?
Beer & Theology Nine. Jamie Klair 17/02/17:- London's Nigerian Pentecostal Proliferation
Beer & Theology Ten. Simon Lewis 17/03/2017:- A Christian's heart for Art
Beer & Theology Eleven. Richard Sudworth 05/05/17:- Christian-Muslim Relations
Beer & Theology Twelve. Dr Rachel Burke 16/06/17:- Personhood, Death and the NHS
Beer & Theology Thirteen. Prof Joanildo Burity 14/07/17:- Religion and Politics in Brazil
Beer & Theology Fourteen. Julie Gittoes 08/09/17:- Singleness
Beer & Theology Fifteen. Dan Warnke. 27/10/17:- A Disabled Church?
Beer & Theology Sixteen. Guido de Graaff. 1/12/17:- Friendship
Beer & Theology Seventeen. Elizabeth Adekunle. 19/1/18:- Feminism
Beer & Theology Eighteen. Buki Fatona. 2/3/18:- The Mind
Beer & Theology Nineteen. Loretta Minghella. 20/4/18. Power and Vulnerability
Beer & Theology Twenty. Rose Waite. 25/5/18. Women and Power in the Workplace.
Beer & Theology Twenty-One. Simon Stocks. 29/6/18. Lament.
Beer & Theology Twenty-Two. David Atkinson. 7/9/18. Climate Change.
Beer & Theology Twenty-Three. Jemma Gilbert. 27/10/18. Social Prescription.
Beer & Theology Twenty-Four.
Dr Frank Curry. 23/11/18. Jesus, the Church and the Poor?
Beer & Theology Twenty-Five. Hannah Swithinbank. 11/1/19. International Development and Lifestyle Choices.
Beer & Theology Twenty-Six. Muthuraj Swamy. 22/2/19. Reconciliation.
Beer & Theology Twenty-Seven. Mark Clavier. 29/3/19. Consumer Culture: Insights from Augustine
Beer & Theology Twenty-Eight. Margaret Cave. 10/5/19. Being an Evangelist in the Parish
Beer & Theology Twenty-Nine. Adrian and Tom Greenwood1. 14/6/19. Civil Society Futures
Beer & Theology Thirty. Jane Steen. 19/7/19. Dr Johnson: Lay Theologian
Beer & Theology Thirty-One. Maria Wyard. 13/9/19. The State of Public Service Today.
Beer & Theology Thirty-Two. Peter Welby. 18/10/19. Engaging with Islam
Beer & Theology Thirty-Three. Stephen Godsell.  22/11/19.  Wittgenstein and Newspapers Today

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