Fulcrum Statement on Synod Vote for Women Bishops

Fulcrum is delighted at the Synod's vote to enable women to become bishops.

We believe there is a strong biblical, missional and pastoral case for admitting women to all three orders of ministry.

We are confident that this decision will strengthen the Church of England in its aim to spread the good news of Jesus to every corner of the country and to work for mercy and justice at home and abroad.

We applaud the bold leadership of Archbishop Justin and Archbishop Sentamu as well as countless others who have made this decision possible. We also note the support of more than three quarters of all three houses of Synod.

We recognise that there will be those both within and outside the Church of England and the Anglican Communion for whom this will be a difficult decision, and we call for a spirit of generosity to be shown to those who cannot support this change.

But today is a day for celebration and for the recognition of the wonderful ministry - past, present and future - of the women of the Church of England.

1 thought on “Fulcrum Statement on Synod Vote for Women Bishops”

  1. Does the Church influence the world or does the world influence the church? Is this Scripturally correct or politically correct? Are we serving both God and mammon?

    God did not give the care of His infant Son to just anyone but to a very specific woman. Throughout Scripture the quality of women must be noted and the role they play in the early Church cannot be ignored. If it wasn’t for faithful women, many a church would have closed it’s doors long ago.

    The Boots advert with the title “Here come the girls” is apt in relation to yesterday’s vote but what should be of concern in the Church is where have the men gone.

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