Galatians: Guide to Online Academic Resources

This page provides links to more academic resources online for studying Galatians.

Sites with Academic Articles

A number of sites provide links to journal articles and other academic resources on the New Testament.

The main pages for resources on Galatians are:

Mark Goodacre’s NT Gateway

Galatians: Introductory Materials (This includes links to 5 articles on issues in the interpretation of Galatians by F.F. Bruce)

Galatians: Book and Articles

Biblical Studies



Other Resources

Moises Silva - Lectures on Galatians (13 lectures free on iTunes)

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (Fall 2010) - Series of articles on Galatians and on New Perspective

Paul's Epistle to the Galatians - Blog posts reporting scholarship since 2008.

Word and World had a special issue on Galatians in Summer 2000.

The New Testament Perspectives blog has various posts on Galatians

Douglas Moo's article on Justification in Galatians in Understanding the Times: New Testament Studies in the 21st Century

Download (PDF, 982KB)

Fulcrum Articles on Galatians

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