Jorge Bergoglio: Latin American Pope

A poem written at Hilfield Friary, Dorset, following two earlier poems on 'Karol Wojtyla: Polish Pope' and 'Joseph Ratzinger: European Pope'

Jorge Bergoglio:

Latin American Pope

In Saint Peter’s Square:

“Buona sera.” “Good evening.”

From the ends of the world,

a friendly greeting, typical of Saint Francis.

Connecting identities:

Italian parentage, Argentine heritage;

Jesuit order, Franciscan humility.

In Buenos Aires:

limousine and palace were left on the wayside,

for bus and flat, with people on the wayside.

For the Conclave:

Latin America beckons,

and bequeaths a Pope.

In Rome:

periphery becomes central,

Papacy becomes simpler,

Curia become curiouser.

May Francis the First

open the windows of the Church

for fair winds of the Spirit.

Graham Kings

Hilfield Friary, 15 March 2013

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