Likeness Litany: Facing the Image


Formed in the image and likeness of God,

We rejoice;

Fired by violence and facing away,

We recoil;

Defaced, despairing, curved in on ourselves,

We cry;

Remaking, repairing, curved into the world,

You come, the Image of God.


With compassion, forgiveness, restoring the image,

You heal;

With powerfully piercing, incisive insight,

You teach;

With passion and proverb and practical story,

You preach.


Facing Jerusalem, challenging temple,

         You suffer;

Surfacing from the depths of death,

         You’re raised;

Infusing, renewing, the image refacing,

         You pour out the fiery Spirit of God.


Being transfigured into your likeness,

          From glory to glory;

With unveiled face, we face God’s Image,

          Reflecting the light of the knowledge of God,

          Seen in your face,

          Jesus our Lord.

1 thought on “Likeness Litany: Facing the Image”

  1. Another beautiful and inspiring litany from Graham. Although I am not sure I always see Gods image in my face, but I feel the presence in my heart, I express it in emotion which may sometimes show in my face, I tend to see God or not as the case maybe in the face of others, in the mirror I see me! determined and strong willed and sensitive ,with unveiled face completely and thoroughly exposed to all that challenges me .Jesus is Lord we can face the day! We can walk with Jesus!

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