Man Dancin’

Review of the Norman Stone film which combines many levels of allegory in a gritty, contemporary story.

Starring Alex Ferns, Tom Georgeson, Kenneth Cranham, James Cosmo and Jenny Foulds

Certificate 15 [Contains drug use and strong violence]

Reviewed by Christopher Took

While we are waiting for The Passion of the Christ to be released, I would
highly recommend Man Dancin' which is currently showing at the UGC,
Shaftsbury Avenue (in the Trocadero) and in selected cinemas across the UK. The director and conceiver Norman
Stone was responsible for the excellent BBC adaptation of C S Lewis's life
Shadowlands with Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom (generally considered to be
much better than the later Anthony Hopkins version). He also happens to be
married to Sally Magnusson!

The film stars Alex Ferns who was 'evil' Trevor in EastEnders. The film's
web site is at

Norman Stone writes: "There are also many levels of allegory that can be
picked out in the film. They're there for the spotting but if you don't pick
up on them it doesn't detract from what I hope will be received as an
enjoyable story."

Could be a powerful evangelistic tool if followed by discussion of some of
the issues it raises. Go see!


Press Comment

'Alex Ferns is excellent' The Sun

'A witty, gritty Glasgow gangster movie... a terrific film' The Sunday Times

'Engrossingly unusual Britflick' BBC Film Review

'Alex Ferns proves beyond doubt that he has a big screen presence' *** OK Magazine

'Touching humour' The Times

'An original spin to a crimeland scenario.... engaging.' The Sunday Herald

audience comments

'An excellent film, very funny and moving.'

'Really uplifting, one of the best this year!'

'An atmospheric and touching movie'


'Unforgettable'...'Really challenging'...

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