Prayer Stool

A poem for Lent, drawing close to God in worship and being sent by God in mission

Prayer Stool

I leave aside my shoes, my ambitions;

undo my watch, my timetable;

take off my glasses, my views;

unclip my pen, my work;

put down my keys, my security;

to be alone with you, the only true God.

After being with you,

I take up my shoes to walk in your ways;

strap on my watch to live in your time;

put on my glasses to look at your world;

clip on my pen to write up your thoughts;

pick up my keys to open your doors.

Graham Kings (1986 Kenya)

The Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings is Hon Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Southwark, Parish Priest, St Matthew’s at Elephant and Castle and SCR Member, St Chad’s College, Durham. He has been theological secretary of Fulcrum since its founding.

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