He’s tall; he’s eloquent; he knows for sure

that God has sent him to convince us all.

‘If you continue pumping CO2

into the atmosphere, disaster waits

to ambush future generations? Stop

pretending everything is fine. It’s not!

Renewables are not a lifestyle choice

they’re vital for survival.  Hear, repent!

All you in church (pause) God says, “Change your ways.” ’

We call him Private Frazier (pause) ‘We’re doomed!’

is basically his message. Week on week

he’s ranting in the papers. God forbid

he gets to know we’re jetting off again.

Last week he met MPs, berated them

broke down then sobbed.  A man of God? As if.

Jan Ashton is a team vicar in Kidderminster. She wonders what else she might say this Year A about St John the Baptist.

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