Who is this woman facing this man?
Head lightly inclined,
eyes wide open, gazing,
hands uplifted, palms upward, surprised;
gorgeously arrayed.

Who is this man facing this woman?
Coming from the right,
profile clear, bearded;
hand outstretched, palm down;
gloriously appareled.

Behind her, two angels hover
reflecting her shape:
behind him, scented trees lean
setting the scene:
below her, a dark opening hints.
All silent witnesses.

The eyes have it:
focus of tension and attention.
One word awakes her: 'Mary'.
One word responds: 'Rabbouni'.

Their hands shape a triangle
at the centre of meeting:
her two, shocked and suppliant;
his one, blessing, calming, sending.

Graham Kings

11 September 2004

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