Review of Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

newmorningmerciesPaul David Tripp. New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional. Nottingham: IVP, 2014.

I received my review copy of New Morning Mercies back in November 2014 and resolved to begin using it daily in 2015. Having read a page a day for the whole of 2015, I can wholeheartedly commend this book. Tripp has written a genuine Gospel devotional, 366 thoughts (yes, it does include one for 29th February should it be needed) that reminds you every day of your need for grace and the wonderful mercy of God in making that grace freely available. Tripp writes with a pastor’s heart, recognising that our willful disobedience towards God is at the root of all human problems. He writes to remind us that each and every day we must return to God, whose mercies are new every morning, utterly dependent on his grace.

Each day there is a single page to read. There is a headline thought, and then that thought it expanded upon in some detail, ending with a suggested Bible passage to read. The headline thoughts were originally tweets that Tripp shared each day, and that have now become the basis of more substantial reflections. Tripp varies between poetry and prose, between exposition of Bible passages and discussion of his pastoral experience. This variety is what has help hold my attention over the months. The outline structure is the same each day, but the precise shape of the content varies. Whatever form it takes, it is always well written, easy to read and with a clear challenge to live a grace filled life.

I read New Morning Mercies as part of my morning devotional pattern, but for those with more limited time, there is enough here to become the foundation of a daily quiet time. Perhaps a short prayer at the end of each reflection might have helped some, but I am content to be pushed towards my own conversation with God. My only real request is that Tripp writes a companion volume for the evenings, to help me ground my reflection on the day in God’s grace and commit the joys and sorrows into his hands before I sleep.

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