Semper Reformanda in a Changing World: Calvin, Usury and Evangelical Moral Theology

Originally published in Sung Wook Chung (ed), Alister E McGrath and Evangelical Theology: A Dynamic Engagement, Paternoster Press, 2003, pp235-63. Reprinted here with the kind permission of Paternoster. The notes in the text are hyperlinked into the end notes; to return to the text, click on the end note number At the start of a … Continue Reading

What is to be done in the Anglican Communion?: “We do not know what to do but our eyes are on you”

Sermon preached at Wycliffe Hall for Joint Eucharist of Oxford Anglican Theological Colleges 9 November 2005 Readings: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 and Matthew 26:17-56 I wonder how often you discover something in the Bible you didn’t even know was there and which speaks powerfully to you! I had one of my most powerful experiences of this … Continue Reading

The Bishops of the Church in Wales on Civil Partnerships: A Personal Response

Andrew GoddardAndrew Goddard has been on the Leadership Team of Fulcrum since its launch in 2003. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics based in Cambridge (where he was previously Associate Director). He has taught Christian Ethics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and Trinity College, Bristol and is … Continue Reading

Speech opposing the Motion: ‘This House believes that a homosexual lifestyle is no bar to becoming a Bishop’

The Oxford Union, Thursday 3 November 2005 by Andrew Goddard On Thursday 3rd November the Oxford Union at Oxford University debated the motion “This House believes that a homosexual lifestyle is no bar to becoming a Bishop”. After opening speeches from students, the guest speakers were Richard Kirker (LGCM) and Gene Robinson (Bishop of New … Continue Reading

English Evangelicals and the Archbishop’s Theology

Brief Summary of paper by Andrew Goddard in Wycliffe Hall Newsletter, Spring 2003 (An earlier version of this article appeared in Wycliffe Hall Newsletter Spring 2003. This version published by Fulcrum in September 2003.) Contents Executive Summary Full Article Executive Summary Rowan Williams on Revelation Williams seeks to give an account of theology dependent on … Continue Reading