Church Growth: what does it mean in multi-faith London?

Jesus tells a number of parables which relate to fruitfulness and growth. The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed – initially the smallest of all seeds, but growing to be the largest of the garden plants, becoming a tree in which the birds can come and find a home (Matthew 13). By contrast, Jesus also tells the parable of the fig tree, which is unfruitful for three years – and is to be dug around and given manure one last time (Luke 13).
What, then, are fruitfulness and growth, flourishing and success, in Kingdom terms?

“Rev” should provoke us to think as well as laugh

The latest series of Rev opened with another well-meaning but hapless attempt by Adam Smallbone to please his Archdeacon. This time, Smallbone was seeking to be “present and engaged” in his multi-faith neighbourhood.  The episode contrasted his dwindling flock, and his organisational incompetence, with a large and effective local mosque. The episode provoked a lively … Continue Reading