On the ‘Ash Wednesday Declaration’

On the ‘Ash Wednesday Declaration’ first published in Church Times www.churchtimes.co.uk For some people mention of ‘climate change’ produces a shrug, or a yawn. Either it seems too trivial or too irrelevant to my life, or it is too big to handle – what difference can I make? Is it not presumptuous in any case … Continue Reading

AWD press release

EMBARGOED UNTIL 12 NOON ON 21.2.1 'SHRUG CULTURE' OVER CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGED BY ASH WEDNESDAY DECLARATION (LONDON — 10.2.12) — LEADERS representing most of the UK's mainstream churches will tomorrow (Wed 22 Feb) call for repentance over the prevailing 'shrug-culture' towards climate change. Rt Hon Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop … Continue Reading

A Comment on Robert Gagnon's 'The Bible and Homosexual Practice'

A Comment on ‘The Bible and Homosexual Practice’ by Robert Gagnon A paragraph from ‘The Church of England and Homosexuality’ in Terry Brown (ed.), Other Voices, Other Worlds: Global Church Speaks Out on Homosexuality(London: Darton Longman and Todd, 2006), written in 2005 by David Atkinson One of the most substantial and influential conservative contributions to … Continue Reading

Climate and Covenant

Climate and Covenant by David Atkinson, Bishop of Thetford A shorter version of this article was published as “How to make God’s promise good”, in The Church Times, 13 July 2007 and is republished with permission. Global warming is changing more than the climate The climate is changing, and there is now a very high … Continue Reading

‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins – Fulcrum Review

‘The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, (Bantam Press, 2006), Fulcrum review’ by The Rt Revd Dr David Atkinson, Bishop of Thetford The God Delusion (Bantam Press 2006) has the same mixture of brilliant rhetoric, passionate anti-theism and (to my mind) faulty argument that we have come to expect from Richard Dawkins, Charles Simonyi Professor for … Continue Reading

What Are Fathers For?

  Introduction What are fathers for? What is fatherhood for? These are questions of serious concern in our society of which many people have said “There is a crisis in family life.” What does a Church which worships God as Father have to contribute? The questions about fathers are part of a wider questioning about … Continue Reading