The Paul Gauguin Exhibition, ‘Maker of Myth: A Review

 The Paul Gauguin Exhibition, ‘Maker of Myth’: A Review by Elizabeth Adekunle The eagerly anticipated Gauguin exhibition has now begun at the Tate Modern and includes Gauguin’s recognisably famous landscapes and beautiful Tahitian women. The title of the exhibition ‘Maker of Myth’ uses the hidden meanings of myth and the personal nature of storytelling to unravel … Continue Reading

'The Sacred made Real': Spanish painting and culture 1600-1700

‘The Sacred made Real’ Spanish painting and culture 1600-1700 by Elizabeth Adekunle This unique exhibition draws together the traditions of 17th century Spain, the Roman Catholic church and the Spanish tradition of wood carving and polychrome (painted in different colours). This exhibition transports us back to Spain and a new art that emerged in order … Continue Reading

African Art

African Art by Elizabeth Adekunle “Yes indeed there is an entity called “Africa”, but the creative entities within its dark humus – fecund, restive and protean – burst through the surface of the presumed monolithic reality and invade the stratosphere with unsuspected shapes and tints of the individual vision. And there, we know, the ancestors … Continue Reading

Byzantium Exhibtion at the Royal Academy of Arts: a Fulcrum review

Byzantium Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts a Fulcrum review by Elizabeth Adekunle The exhibition organised by the National Gallery and the Benaki Museum in Athens is truly awesome, covering 10 rooms at the Royal Academy. The main part of the gallery is Byzantium 330-1450, documenting the history of the early church, using a … Continue Reading

Lucas Cranach Review of Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition

Lucas Cranach Review of Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition by Elizabeth Adekunle Cranach, more than just a painter… An exhibition of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s paintings, etchings, copper plates and woodcut designs is currently on display at the Royal Academy of Arts. German born Cranach (1472-1553), although not a professed Christian, was educated in biblical … Continue Reading

Seeing God through Painting by Elizabeth Adekunle

Seeing God through Painting by Elizabeth Adekunle sermon given at St John’s College, Cambridge 24 February 2008 Figurative religious painting is a tradition that has been around for thousands of years. Holy Images such as the Madonna and Child or Jesus as Pantocrator have inspired icons, rituals, feasts, shrines, hymns myths and miracles. These are … Continue Reading