Churches Mutual Credit Union formally launched

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s drive to promote access to responsible credit and savings receives a major boost today with the launch of the Churches Mutual Credit Union Ltd. (CMCU). Church of England website. 11 February 2015 Ephraim RadnerThe Revd Prof Ephraim Radner is Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College, Toronto and senior fellow of … Continue Reading

Talking About Things You Will Never Agree On

This paper, subtitled “Some reflections on Indaba in the Anglican Communion by a realistic traditionalist” was written for the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba Project, in conjunction with a North American meeting of the project held at Virginia Seminary, in April 2010. As the Church of England begins its Shared Conversations at the College of Bishops we are grateful for permission to republish it on Fulcrum

Ten Years and a new Anglican Congregationalism

It is ten years since Anglicanism’s current travails were formally inaugurated with the formation of an alternative “Communion” church in North America, the Anglican Mission in America.Not the cause, it was nonetheless the first major sign that “communion” was no longer a given in Anglicanism, but something to be variously asserted, antagonistically claimed, and built … Continue Reading

Blessing: A Scriptural and Theological Reflection (part V)

BLESSING: A Scriptural and Theological Reflection (Part V) by Ephraim Radner, Wycliffe College part V of V (read parts I, II, III, IV) 8. Aspects of Same-Sex Partnerships Bound to the Good and to the Extension of Life What concrete recognizable goods might there be in homosexual relationships? Here are four possibilities that I have … Continue Reading