Fulcrum response to Primates’ Statement

The Primates’ Statement, like the Windsor Report, manifests long term solutions, rather than precipitous dissolution, for the Anglican Communion. We welcome their statement which builds on the profound theological insights of the Windsor Report, provides sensible provision for voluntary discipline in terms of a 3 year withdrawal of the provinces of ECUSA and Canada from … Continue Reading

Windsor Report: Fulcrum Initial Statement

We consider this to be a very significant, thoughtful, in-depth, report with vital recommendations which could hold the Anglican Communion together. Clearly, it has teeth and is not a fudge. It is a much more conservative than liberal document. It is against excessive provincial autonomy, and the ‘pre-emptive strikes’ of the dioceses of New Hampshire, … Continue Reading

Interim statement from Fulcrum on the House of Bishops’ report Some Issues in Human Sexuality

Headline Summary Bishops are leading the Church in a direction that is both orthodox and realistic Emphasis on the importance of Scripture is welcome: report takes the scholarly reading of Scripture seriously Affirms listening in a framework that is the fruit of earlier work Full Statement In the quagmire of current discussions on human sexuality, … Continue Reading