Guns, evangelicals and the Bible: some uncomfortable truths – Christian Today

Another week – another couple of mass shootings. Many outwith and within the US struggle with the regularity and seeming normality of these shootings. After each event the usual cries go up and the usual solutions are offered. Sometimes our reactions are rather kneejerk and reflective more of our own prejudices and cultures. Christian Today … Continue Reading

Registration of marriage from end-2019 – Faculty Office – Law&Religion UK

Following its notification in June 2019 the Faculty Office has issued an update on the implementation of the provisions regarding the registration of marriage under the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019. This August update is reproduced below; it notes that the General Register Office (GRO) is under pressure from ministers to … Continue Reading

After crazy golf now it’s the stairway to heaven: Norwich Cathedral installs a 55ft-tall HELTER SKELTER in its nave for £2-a-slide but worshippers complain ‘it’s not respectful’ and ‘belongs on Cromer pier’ – Daily Mail

Worshippers slammed a cathedral for being ‘disrespectful’ after it installed a 55ft-tall helter skelter in its nave in order to give visitors a better view of its medieval roof Alexander Robertson for Mailonline. 8 August 2019 Fulcrum