How Trump’s Republican National Convention speech wove faith into the ‘great American story’ – RNS

Accepting the Republican nomination for a second term, President Donald Trump framed his remarks with what he called “the great American story.” Trump delivered the speech Thursday (Aug. 27) before a crowd of about 1,500 people seated outside the White House, with few wearing masks. Among them were about 150 of the evangelical Christians who … Continue Reading

Why evangelicals will support Donald Trump in 2020 – RNS

The famed political consultant James Carville coined the phrase that likely led Bill Clinton to his victory over President George H.W. Bush in 1992. Carville boiled down the sentiment of the electorate into four simple words: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Nearly 30 years later, the allure of President Donald Trump to evangelical Christians — along … Continue Reading

Digitisation of the Sherborne Missal

Weighing as much as the average 5-year-old child and containing more paintings than most art galleries, the Sherborne Missal is a titan of a manuscript. The breath-taking quality of its artwork has inspired art historians to declare it, ‘the unrivalled masterpiece of English book production in the fifteenth century’ (Kathleen Scott), and ‘beyond question the … Continue Reading