Wycliffe Hall, Governance and learning from the past

Wycliffe Hall, Governance and Learning from the Past by Gordon Kuhrt co-published with the Church of England Newspaper 15th July 2012 by permission There have clearly been significant problems at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. It has had in the past a fine reputation as an Evangelical theological college which has important links with the University of … Continue Reading

The Results of Praying for Evangelical Scholarship

The Results of Praying for Evangelical Scholarship by Gordon Kuhrt Co-published with the Church of England Newspaper, with permission 19th August 2011 In the 1940s and '50s, some thoughtful Evangelical leaders encouraged prayer for a renewal of Evangelical scholarship, especially in the areas of biblical studies and biblical theology. Liberal theology seemed to reign unchallenged. … Continue Reading

Doctrine Matters: Foreword

Edited by Gordon Kuhrt read chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4 Preface to 2010 republication on Fulcrum Doctrine Matters was first published in 1993. It sold out its print-run of 4,000 copies, but the publishers were involved in major re-organization, and it was not re-printed. The editor and authors are delighted that the … Continue Reading