Chasing the Purple Shirt?

Chasing the Purple Shirt? by Jody Stowell co-published with the Church of England Newspaper, 26 January 2012 2012 is a significant year for discussions on women in the episcopate in the Church of England. In Synod this year there will be much high emotion, fast paced thinking and rash words regarding the legislation which is … Continue Reading

smaller god

smaller god by Jody Stowell (crowning: mary giving birth to jesus – sara star) gentle Jesus, meek and mild who is this one, who is this child? I do not know him, he did not come in muck and mess in rend of womb little lord Jesus, no crying he makes but the one I … Continue Reading

‘Have you understood all this?’

‘Have you understood all this?’ Reflections on Matthew 12: 31 – 52 ‘have you understood all this?’ It seems to me that it is quite a bold reply that the disciples give to this question that Jesus asks, right at the end of the text in Matthew, which some of us will have had read … Continue Reading