The Secularisation of Martin Luther King

Jon Kuhrt encourages us to remember the motivation behind MLK's activism.

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Spirituality is part of caring

Social projects should be bolder about integrating faith and practical action, argues Jon Kuhrt

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A Fulcrum Review of 'Stories from the Street'

Jon Kuhrt critiques David Nixon's attempt to articulate a good theology of homelessness

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Why churches manage their staff badly

Jon Kuhrt offers a succinct and insightful analysis of managing people in the community of God.

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Busyness: the enemy of spirituality

Busyness:The Enemy of Spirituality by Jon Kuhrt First published on Resistance and Renewal How often do you hear people make comments like: ‘I’m so busy’ or ‘It’s been a crazy week’ or ‘I just don’t know how I am going to get everything done’. Being honest, I find myself saying things like this all the … Continue Reading