Being Anglican: Perspectives from Asia

Anglicans in Asia are a fragile and numerically insignificant community in such a mission context…The vision of being part of a holy catholic people speaks powerfully to peoples whose social identity is violated, forgotten or dismissed amid constant volatility. To incarnate the presence of the holy catholic society therefore goes into the heart of being Anglican. If this recalling of the spiritual journey of being Anglican makes our hearts and minds more alert to this gift of God for the Anglican family of churches worldwide, perhaps then we can see each other beyond geopolitical blocs and binaries, and become freed to strike new paths with fresh graces of the Spirit for the present day.

A Vision for the Fellowship of Anglican Churches

My vision for the fellowship of Anglican churches is to be a communicative people and spiritual movement in the service of the church universal. This, I believe, puts the family of Anglican churches on surer footing to work out their particular vocation..

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Recovering a Sense of Place

Professor Oliver O'Donovan mentored me in Toronto and Oxford. I am indebted to him and his wife, Dr. Joan Lockwood O'Donovan, for all I am able to do in my ministry. Professor O'Donovan taught me three courses at Wycliffe, Toronto: Introduction to Theolog

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Undercurrents in the Anglican Communion

Undercurrents in the Anglican Communion by Michael Poon In whatever ways we justify and reinterpret the Communion instruments of the Anglican Communion, it is clear the instruments no longer unite Anglican churches worldwide. Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates’ Meetings have become obstacles rather than means of healing the Communion’s … Continue Reading

Re-imagining World Christianity: Andrew Walls and his Legacy

Re-imagining World Christianity for the Church Universal: Andrew Walls and his Legacy A history department lecture given at Princeton Theological Seminary, 21 March 2011, as visiting MacKay Professor of World Christianity by Michael Nai Chiu Poon My aim in this lecture is to discuss the work of Andrew Walls with especial reference to his contribution towards … Continue Reading

Global South Anglican Theological Network: Canterbury Declaration

Global South Anglican Theological Network Canterbury Declaration We come as Anglican theologians serving churches in the Anglican Communion outside Western cultural frameworks. Our face-to-face discussions at the Lambeth Conference 2008 have deepened our trust and understanding of one another. We celebrate our bonds of affection in Christ and commit ourselves to take fresh initiatives together … Continue Reading

Forgotten Third Voice: Generosity Rebuffed? An observation on Canterbury's Second Presidential Address by Michael Poon

The Forgotten Third Voice: Generosity Rebuffed? An Observation on the Second Presidental Address of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Lambeth Conference 2008 by Michael Poon Archbishop Rowan Williams’ second presidential address, delivered near the mid-point of the Lambeth Conference, is most disappointing and worrying. The Archbishop calls for acts of generous initiatives from both … Continue Reading

A Brief Response to Gregory Cameron's Hellins Lecture on Anglicans and the Future of the Communion

A Brief Response to Gregory Cameron’s Hellins Lecture on Anglicans and the Future of the Communion by Michael Poon Gregory Cameron’s recent lecture is a most sensitive treatment on the Anglican Communion today. His position as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Communion and as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s confidant makes his proposal all the more … Continue Reading