In memoriam: Simon Barrington-Ward

Following the sad news of the death of Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward on Holy Saturday 2020, formerly the Bishop of Coventry, we are pleased to publish a poem in memoriam, written by Sarah Cawdell. “Lord Jesus Christ” Berlin 1954 Post war community is found where trauma is faced, sin acknowledged, forgiveness found, poetry and friendship, love, … Continue Reading

Sounds of Easter

After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Even the birdsong hushed, And the cicadas shocked to stillness.   After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Guards like dead men lying, Whilst the risen Christ waits day’s dawning.   After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Wailing women running, Spices spilled, lying on the pathway.   … Continue Reading


The handmaid of the Lord sings a great song Which echoes down all evenings in our praise For God whose plans are ages, ages long Whose thoughts are not our thoughts, ways not our ways. Chosen by God in one place and one time To compass in her womb – a little space, The one … Continue Reading

Inkling Five: Living Hopefully

Inkling Five: Living hopefully by Sarah Cawdell (Read Inklings One, Two, Three and Four) As I return to these pages after some months allow me to remind you of the story so far: I have been exploring some markers of the church in mission, which I propose are present in a community of faith which … Continue Reading