Mark: Guide To Online Academic Resources

This page provides links to more academic resources online for studying Mark's gospel.

Sites with Academic Articles

A number of sites provide links to journal articles and other academic resources on the New Testament.

The main pages for resources on Mark's gospel are:

Mark Goodacre's NT Gateway

Introductory Materials

Books and Dissertations


Audio and Video

Biblical Studies

The Gospel of Mark

Early Christian Writings

Mark's Gospel



Michael J. Kok has created a blog devoted to the academic study of Mark's Gospel - Euangelion Kata Markon

This includes a page of links to student resources



Mark Allen Power's 2009 bibliography of literature on the gospel is also online



Jeremy Treat's thesis on kingdom and atonement here has a good discussion on the crucified king in Mark (go to page 118 of the PDF)


Fulcrum Articles on Mark

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