Mark Zuckerberg’s “meaningful communities” and the Church’s approach to social media

Church of England's Facebook page. 3 July 2017

1 thought on “Mark Zuckerberg’s “meaningful communities” and the Church’s approach to social media

  1. It is true I think that Facebook has enabled Christians to communicate with one another it is a valuable resource, we know of course there are disadvantages , Facebook can also cause as much isolation as it does create community, in fact it could be argued that an online community is not a community at all but a Bermuda triangle of people, who disappear into a safe world with no visual cues to the mood relating to what is written or understood or not understood at all. In the same way as it could be said of fulcrum or any newspaper that only records facts in a certain way. I see all the happy faces then I hear the disenchantment it messes with your head as they say. It sort of makes loneliness more acute as the appearance is that all is well in a bid to celebrate achievement advertised others Mourne failure in equal measure but we’ll no one is very good at saying they failed. Or that they feel they failed. Everyone is sorry but so glad it’s not them that’s honesty. Facebook did make the promise they would put a dislike button on as well as a like it is yet to materialise.Communities are so difficult again by virtue of contrast where there is great unity there can be great isolation , there are always people on the peripheries.

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