Sunday Worship and Other Links (22nd June)


1. The bells of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon - BBC Radio 4
2. Sunday Holy Communion livestreamed from St Helena's Church, Beaufort, South Carolina at 10:15 am Eastern Time, 3:15 pm London Time
3. Choral Services from the Chapels of King's College, Cambridge
and Trinity College, Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford
4. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2
5. Do what Jesus did pt 4: Presence - Archie Coates - St Peter's Brighton Audio [Acts 2 and Psalm 27:4]
6. Making Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age: Relationally - Bishop Grant Lemarquand - Church of Our Saviour, John's Island SC Audio [Acts 16:11-15]
Video of ministry in Ethiopia
and a weblog about life in Gambella particularly with Sudanese refugees
7. The Triumph of God's Grace - Bishop John Tan - St Andrew's Singapore Audio [Isaiah 12:1-6]
8. St Peter and Charles Simeon - Dr John Yates II - Trinity School for Ministry Video [1 Peter 5]
9. Various other sermons available
All Souls, Langham Place
their 4,000 sermon searchable archive
St James the Less, Pimlico
Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama
Please pray for the Church of England at this critical time; for the release and rescue of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls and for release of Mariam Ibrahim in Sudan; for in Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Iraq, North Korea and Syria; for peace in Ukraine; and for the diocese of South Carolina.
10. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayers for the Church of England - Lent and Beyond
Nigeria: At least 10 dead in Nigeria raids - Sky News
Kenya: Kenya massacre prompts calls for increased security - WWM
more: Kenya: Open Doors visits Mpeketoni victims
North Korea: The lessons of Kim Jong-Wook - WWM
Iraq: Christians from Mosul seek refuge in ancient monastery in Iraq - Tribune Review
11. Sunday Programme - current affairs with Edward Stourton - including Canon Andrew White on the Iraq situation - BBC Radio 4
12. Food for thought
A brave man in Iraq needs your help - Douglans Murray - The Spectator
Poverty Sunday and why foodbanks are not the answer - Gillan Scott
Catholics and Anglicans look forward to cricket match in September - Vatican Radio
13. Footage of Boko Haram Attack - CSW
Prayers from Archbishop Ben and Gloria Kwashi - CSW
14. Iraq: Christians in Danger - VoM
15. Do not be afraid - Philip Stopford - Liverpool Cathedral Choir

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