Where is the Church of England Evangelical Council when we need it? – Christian Today

The problem is simply that it doesn't look as though it is doing or saying enough. And that's a pity, because at this somewhat fraught and unsettled time in Anglicanism's history it is arguable it is needed more than ever.

David Baker. Christian Today. 30 July 2017

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  1. ‘Evangelical’ is just a label and I am not convinced (I hope I am wrong and I would be humbled but glad to be proved wrong) that there is sufficient agreement regarding doctrine among those who wish to be known as ‘evangelicals’ to make it a useful label. I think a better question is about what agreement there is among ‘evangelicals’ on the doctrines. I suggest we start (but not finish) with the doctrine expressed by article 9. I personally think that article 9 needs rephrasing. I can enlarge on that later. But the plain meaning of article 9 is that we all face the wrath and condemnation of God from birth onwards and we are all born with a nature inclined to evil. I believe that is true and a summary of what the Bible says. Do all the CEEC members agree? I hope so. Do all those ministers in the Church of England who have made the Declaration of Assent agree? I doubt it – though I would be humbled and glad to be proved wrong. But if I am right then this is the most important and fundamental disagreement among ordained ministers in the Church – more important and fundamental than the Sexuality disagreement. Perhaps the CEEC could write an Open Letter to all ordained ministers, including Archbishops and Bishops, challenging them to say whether they believe that the plain meaning of article 9, stated above, is true?
    Phil Almond

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