The Church of Nigeria and the Anglican Communion – “From Communion to Association: Nigerian disconnections”

by Francis Bridger and Graham Kings Republished, with permission, from The Church Times, Friday 23 September 2005, which entitled it ‘Why Archbishop Akinola is Wrong’ Last week the Church of Nigeria announced that it had changed its constitution. In doing so, it made a key disconnection. Although to many, this may have seemed less than … Continue Reading

The Hind Report on Theological Education: Reviewing Progress

Theological training in the Church of England has been marked by periods of change and upheaval, with periods of stability in between. Perhaps the most significant change in the last couple of hundred years was the establishment of new colleges in the nineteenth century and the move away from training through Oxbridge colleges. More recently, … Continue Reading

Shipwreck and Kingdom: Acts and the Anglican Communion – closing address to the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council

Nottingham, 28 June 2005 by the Bishop of Durham, Dr N T Wright When I heard that you had been studying Acts in your time together, my mind went, for some reason, to acronyms. I imagined myself coming to address the Anglican Communion Theological Society, or perhaps the Anglican Council for Tea and Sympathy, which … Continue Reading

Easter Message from Fulcrum Chairman Francis Bridger

Dear Fulcrum Friend, ‘The way to Easter is Good Friday. The victory of resurrection requires the vulnerability of crucifixion.’ Walter Brueggemann The Easter message proclaims the triumph of resurrection over death. But, as Walter Brueggemann has noted, there can be no Easter Day without Good Friday, no resurrection without crucifixion. This is a truth the … Continue Reading

Fulcrum response to ECUSA’s House of Bishops Covenant Statement

March 2005 Brakes and Breaks The Covenant Statement from ECUSA’s House of Bishops meeting in Texas applies the brakes to avoid breaks. For fifteen months, till the General Convention in June 2006, a moratorium has been declared on consecrating any bishops, not just those who live in a sexual relationship outside of marriage. The bishops … Continue Reading

Fulcrum response to Primates’ Statement

The Primates’ Statement, like the Windsor Report, manifests long term solutions, rather than precipitous dissolution, for the Anglican Communion. We welcome their statement which builds on the profound theological insights of the Windsor Report, provides sensible provision for voluntary discipline in terms of a 3 year withdrawal of the provinces of ECUSA and Canada from … Continue Reading

Maintaining the Bonds of Affection and the Discovering of Objects of Love:An East Asian Response to the Windsor Report 2004

Download the article as a PDF. Michael PoonMichael Poon is canon of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore, and former director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College. He is a member of the Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order of the Anglican Communion, and Anglican member of the Anglican … Continue Reading