Patience and Urgency: Lambeth Conference 2008 – Fulcrum Newsletter 23, August 2008

Patience and Urgency Lambeth Conference 2008 Fulcrum Newsletter, August 2008 by Graham Kings vicar of St Mary Islington and theological secretary of Fulcrum pre-published, with permission, from The Church of England Newspaper, 22 August 2008 Dear Fulcrum friends, Africa’s wisdom emerges especially in her proverbs. I love this Kiswahili saying which comes from the market … Continue Reading

Forgotten Third Voice: Generosity Rebuffed? An observation on Canterbury's Second Presidential Address by Michael Poon

The Forgotten Third Voice: Generosity Rebuffed? An Observation on the Second Presidental Address of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Lambeth Conference 2008 by Michael Poon Archbishop Rowan Williams’ second presidential address, delivered near the mid-point of the Lambeth Conference, is most disappointing and worrying. The Archbishop calls for acts of generous initiatives from both … Continue Reading

Anglican Mainstream on the Advent Letter: a response by Andrew Goddard

A Response to Anglican Mainstream on The Advent Letter 2008 of the Archbishop of Canterbury by Andrew Goddard It is now almost a month since the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advent Letter was published. Among many responses, one of the most recent is that of Anglican Mainstream (AM) which appeared earlier this week. It is important … Continue Reading

Fulcrum Response to the 2007 Advent Letter of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Fulcrum Response to the 2007 Advent Letter of the Archbishop of Canterbury We welcome this careful, decisive articulation of the mind of the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop’s key new initiative of forming a small coordinating body of Primates and others. In particular we appreciate the: Three-fold common acknowledgement on Scripture, Ministry and Mission: we ‘stand under … Continue Reading

Simon Mayo interviews Rowan Williams on Radio Five Live

BBC Radio 5 Live, 6 December 2005 Fulcrum Transcript Note: The transcript has been made by Fulcrum with BBC permission and section headings have been added. The headings, on this page, are hyperlinked into their sections. Introduction C S Lewis and Narnia True Spirit of Christmas Leadership as Archbishop of Canterbury Central Values and Priorities … Continue Reading

The Church of Nigeria and the Anglican Communion – “From Communion to Association: Nigerian disconnections”

by Francis Bridger and Graham Kings Republished, with permission, from The Church Times, Friday 23 September 2005, which entitled it ‘Why Archbishop Akinola is Wrong’ Last week the Church of Nigeria announced that it had changed its constitution. In doing so, it made a key disconnection. Although to many, this may have seemed less than … Continue Reading

English Evangelicals and the Archbishop’s Theology

Brief Summary of paper by Andrew Goddard in Wycliffe Hall Newsletter, Spring 2003 (An earlier version of this article appeared in Wycliffe Hall Newsletter Spring 2003. This version published by Fulcrum in September 2003.) Contents Executive Summary Full Article Executive Summary Rowan Williams on Revelation Williams seeks to give an account of theology dependent on … Continue Reading