Perceptions of the Cross by Graham Kings, Fulcrum Newsletter, April 2010

Perceptions of the Cross Fulcrum Newsletter, April 2010 by Graham Kings copublished, with permission, with The Times online, Faith Central, Good Friday 2 April 2010 ‘An eagle landing on a tree’; ‘a helicopter’; ‘a bird with heavy wings trying to take off’; ‘Jesus on the cross’. Perceptions of Jonathan Clarke’s six-foot tall sculpture, ‘The Eighth … Continue Reading

Will the real Van Gogh please stand up?

The Royal Academy of Arts’ The Real Van Gogh exhibition, which opened on January 23, 2010, is reportedly the first major loan exhibition of the works of this great artist that has been seen in London in over forty years. In light of this fact, it might be thought that the exhibition needs no further justification, at … Continue Reading

Review of ‘Renewing the Face of the Earth’ by David Atkinson

Renewing the Face of the Earth, by David Atkinson Reviewed by John Davidson Originally published in the Bulletin of the Society of Ordained Scientists, number 45: Autumn 2009 David Atkinson is a member of the Society of Ordained Scientists, and has recently retired as Bishop of Thetford.Though his background is in organic chemistry and X-ray … Continue Reading

'The Sacred made Real': Spanish painting and culture 1600-1700

‘The Sacred made Real’ Spanish painting and culture 1600-1700 by Elizabeth Adekunle This unique exhibition draws together the traditions of 17th century Spain, the Roman Catholic church and the Spanish tradition of wood carving and polychrome (painted in different colours). This exhibition transports us back to Spain and a new art that emerged in order … Continue Reading

How it is

‘How It Is’ by James Mercer The current commission in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern is titled ‘How It Is’. Conceived and designed by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka, the exhibit is a giant grey steel structure, enclosing a vast dark chamber. Hovering somewhere between sculpture and architecture, on 2 metre stilts, it stands 13 metres … Continue Reading

African Art

African Art by Elizabeth Adekunle “Yes indeed there is an entity called “Africa”, but the creative entities within its dark humus – fecund, restive and protean – burst through the surface of the presumed monolithic reality and invade the stratosphere with unsuspected shapes and tints of the individual vision. And there, we know, the ancestors … Continue Reading