Jesus is King: Reflections for Holy Week and Easter Week

by Stephen Kuhrt The diminishing importance of monarchy in our world has made “king” a less than obvious model with which to understand the significance of Jesus. The persistence of its use, however, within both older hymns and modern songs, reflects its prominence within the biblical material. ‘Jesus as king’ not only operates on an … Continue Reading

The Coming of the Son of Man – Fulcrum review by James Mercer

New Testament Eschatology for the Emerging Church Andrew Perriman Paternoster Press, 2005, price £17.99 ISBN 1-84227-299-3 A Fulcrum review by James Mercer This is a fascinating book that repays serious study. It is certainly no casual bed-time read. Andrew Perriman’s argument is based on a close study of scriptural texts and other ancient sources. … Continue Reading