Mission in Southwark: Reflections on the Process of Reconciliation Following the Coekin Case

A great deal has been written to date on the conduct and fall-out between Revd Richard Coekin and the Bishop of Southwark. I do not propose to go over old ground, and there is much material which can be found elsewhere. Furthermore I do not wish to plough over the legal ramifications which have already … Continue Reading

‘Some Ramifications of the Coekin Case’

A Fulcrum Response by Andrew Goddard The instant responses to the judgment in the Coekin case by the Bishop of Winchester and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s determination have perhaps been predictable given the outcome. There is barely restrained delight on the part of Richard Coekin and of evangelicals who supported him such as Anglican Mainstream. … Continue Reading

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ‘Determination’ on the Licence of Richard Coekin – Fulcrum Response

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ‘Determination’ has two key parts to it, both of which need weighing carefully. ‘My conclusion is that the revocation of Mr Coekin’s licence be cancelled, for the reasons given in the Bishop [of Winchester’s] Report. The Appellant must, however, understand that the restoration of his licence as a minister in the … Continue Reading

Why I as an Evangelical Anglican in the Diocese of Southwark support Bishop Tom Butler in his action against Rev Richard Coekin

An enthusiastic church-planter forced to take drastic action after being cynically frustrated by his liberal bishop. Viewed from afar, this is how many evangelicals might well see the recent events within Southwark diocese. However the fact that well over thirty evangelical clergy from within the diocese have been happy to add their names to a … Continue Reading

The Hind Report on Theological Education: Reviewing Progress

Theological training in the Church of England has been marked by periods of change and upheaval, with periods of stability in between. Perhaps the most significant change in the last couple of hundred years was the establishment of new colleges in the nineteenth century and the move away from training through Oxbridge colleges. More recently, … Continue Reading

General Synod Reflections July 2005

by Francis Bridger Text of the Fulcrum Letter sent to supporters on 17 July 2005 Dear Fulcrum Friend, So there it is: Synod stands prorogued after its final group of sessions before the General Election in September. And what a group of sessions it proved to be. In the sweltering Central Hall of York University, … Continue Reading