The handmaid of the Lord sings a great song Which echoes down all evenings in our praise For God whose plans are ages, ages long Whose thoughts are not our thoughts, ways not our ways. Chosen by God in one place and one time To compass in her womb – a little space, The one … Continue Reading

St John the Baptist

The truth within me swells until it feels I have to birth it. Womanish perhaps but that’s the best description of the strength inside erupting; Herod felt its lash of condemnation. Evil putrefies in those who think they are beyond reproach. I call God’s chosen ones to be baptised repenting of their sins, to bear … Continue Reading


He’s tall; he’s eloquent; he knows for sure that God has sent him to convince us all. ‘If you continue pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, disaster waits to ambush future generations? Stop pretending everything is fine. It’s not! Renewables are not a lifestyle choice they’re vital for survival.  Hear, repent! All you in church (pause) … Continue Reading

Turning Point for Augustine

 “Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.” Augustine, Confessions VIII, 7. “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires” Romans 13:14 Stalking in the garden in the heat of the moment, Reflecting on complexity of voluntary movement, Slunk in listless and leaden despair, Tangled, contorted … Continue Reading

Father God I bow before you

Andrew has written a wonderful hymn for us to reflect upon and even use in worship.

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