Pope Benedict and the Enigma of English Christianity

Pope Benedict and the Enigma of English Christianity by John Martin published with the kind permission of The Living Church In London’s East End stand two churches commemorating religious martyrs. A plaque in St. James Clerkenwell celebrates a line of succession from the Lollards, whose inspiration was the Bible translator John Wycliffe, to people burned at … Continue Reading

Salvation outside the Church – But why, then, evangelize?: Reflections from a Roman Catholic perspective

Salvation outside the Church – But why then, evangelize? Reflections from a Roman Catholic perspective By Stephen Bevans, SVD A Time of Certainty “Sweet Baby Jesus, help the poor heathen!” This was the repeated refrain in a prayer for the Christmas season in one of the official prayerbooks of my own Catholic religious missionary congregation, … Continue Reading

The Pope's Anglican Division: Fulcrum Newsletter, November 2009

The Pope’s Anglican Division The Apostolic Constitution setting out the terms on which Anglicans may convert has been published Fulcrum Newsletter, November 2009 Co-published with permission, with Comment is free belief, Guardian online, 9 November 2009 by Graham Kings Bishop of Sherborne and theological secretary of Fulcrum In planning the momentous service in Canterbury Cathedral … Continue Reading

‘Joseph Ratzinger: European Pope’ – a poem

In St Peter’s Square, Holy smoke and a shy smile Of Bavarian piety and curial power. Funeral oration, Conclave sermon, Acceptance address: Momentous momentum. A hard act to follow, They chose a hard man. In thinking, penetrative; In doctrine, conservative; In power, effective; In discipline, pressive: Continuity reigns. Enforcer becomes caretaker To take care of … Continue Reading

Pope John-Paul II

Open a page at random in any one of that stream of Encyclical Letters that poured out from the Vatican during John-Paul’s papacy, and what do you see? Chances are you will light first on a discussion of Scripture – not quoted as a proof but teased out as a way of framing a question … Continue Reading

‘Karol Wojtyla: Polish Pope’ – a poem written on the day of his funeral

In St Peter’s Square, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Princes and people gather. A simple cypress-wood coffin Is surmounted by the gospel book. He said he lived his life Under the word of God. The ruffling wind of the Spirit Bears witness, turning its pages. A previous Pope, John the Twenty-Third, The great caretaker, In surprising … Continue Reading