The Doctrine of Salvation among African Christians

The Doctrine of Salvation among African Christians by Chigor Chike 1 Introduction This article which is taken form my book African Christianity in Britain will be devoted to how salvation is understood in African Christianity. The first task will be to describe how salvation is understood on the African continent. This will be followed and … Continue Reading


Who is this woman facing this man? Head lightly inclined, eyes wide open, gazing, hands uplifted, palms upward, surprised; gorgeously arrayed. Who is this man facing this woman? Coming from the right, profile clear, bearded; hand outstretched, palm down; gloriously appareled. Behind her, two angels hover reflecting her shape: behind him, scented trees lean setting … Continue Reading

“Being Disciples” – 2007 Conference, Elaine Storkey

The story of Jesus calling his disciples is one that used to be communicated to every child in our country. There was something so poignant, immediate, attractive about this charismatic figure appearing to random working men in the middle of earthy, everyday tasks and saying ‘follow me.’ There is something unforgettable about a bunch of … Continue Reading

Jesus is King: Reflections for Holy Week and Easter Week

by Stephen Kuhrt The diminishing importance of monarchy in our world has made “king” a less than obvious model with which to understand the significance of Jesus. The persistence of its use, however, within both older hymns and modern songs, reflects its prominence within the biblical material. ‘Jesus as king’ not only operates on an … Continue Reading