Meeting the odd god of atheism

Meeting the odd god of atheism by Elaine Storkey Originally publised in Church Times 28th January 2011 Meeting a former university colleague I noticed with interest how some of his previous views had changed. This wasn’t surprising, for maturity challenges many of our attitudes and ideas. What was more surprising was that when he began to talk … Continue Reading

God’s Advocates – Fulcrum Series with DLT

Introduction to a new Fulcrum series God’s Advocates: Christian Thinkers in Conversation by Rupert Shortt a Fulcrum series in partnership with Darton Longman & Todd Over the next few months we shall be republishing, with permission, extracts from God’s Advocates, sharing the views of three Christian Thinkers: Rowan Williams, who is Archbishop of Canterbury. He was formerly … Continue Reading

Rowan Williams on Belief and Theology – Some Basic Questions

God’s Advocates by Rupert Shortt (Darton, Longman & Todd, 2005) Rowan Williams Belief and Theology: Some Basic Questions (the introduction to this series is here) SHORTT: I’d like to cover a fair amount of ground in this discussion to talk about a few of the commonest objections to Christian belief, and then look briefly at … Continue Reading

A Prior Meeting by Graham Kings

A Prior Meeting by Graham Kings “Solvitur ambulando” around the ‘cloister’ meadow of Grey Friars, Canterbury. Five days in Bec, Normandy, now, beckoned and called, four days, silent, in Canterbury. Cassock forgotten, now vested from the vestry, a gift, it turns out, from Bec. “Something-than-which- nothing-greater-can-be-conceived” is God. Quite a thought from Anselm, a Prior … Continue Reading

Global South Anglican Theological Network: Canterbury Declaration

Global South Anglican Theological Network Canterbury Declaration We come as Anglican theologians serving churches in the Anglican Communion outside Western cultural frameworks. Our face-to-face discussions at the Lambeth Conference 2008 have deepened our trust and understanding of one another. We celebrate our bonds of affection in Christ and commit ourselves to take fresh initiatives together … Continue Reading

Signs and Seasons: a guide for your Christian journey by Graham Kings

Signs and Seasons a guide for your Christian journey by Graham Kings ‘Signs and Seasons: a guide for your Christian journey’ (Canterbury Press, 2008) by Graham Kings, vicar of St Mary Islington and theological secretary of Fulcrum, was launched at Waterstones bookshop, Islington, London on 10 September 2008. An interactive blog on the book, with … Continue Reading

Carving and Comments on the Cross

Kenyan Carving to Ponder Benson Ndaka St Andrew’s College, Kabare, Kenya Comments to Ponder Jürgen Moltmann The Crucified God (London: SCM Press, 1974) Christians who do not have the feeling that they must flee the crucified Christ have probably not yet understood him in a sufficiently radical way. (p38) When the crucified Jesus is called … Continue Reading