What is Fulcrum?

fulcrum is a network of evangelical Anglicans, seeking to renew the centre of the evangelical tradition and the centre of Anglicanism, acting as a point of balance within the Church of England.

fulcrum embraces an historic orthodoxy that is generous in spirit, confident in the contribution evangelicals can make to Anglicanism, and welcoming of the diversity of traditions within the Church of England.


As you tour our website, you'll get some idea of what Fulcrum stands for and what we hope to achieve. You'll also see that we are fully committed both to the Anglican Church and to the contribution that Evangelicals make within it - in Britain and throughout the Anglican Communion. As our name implies, Fulcrum represents a balanced Evangelicalism that is wholehearted in its commitment to Christ, its practice of truth and its mission to the world.

We are a group of men and women, lay and ordained, who believe that the majority of Evangelical Anglicans wish to see this kind of balance - accompanied by a generosity of spirit and faithfulness to the Gospel - as the hallmarks of contemporary Evangelicalism. Our desire is that NEAC 2003 will mark the start of a new chapter in which these qualities will be associated afresh with the Evangelical movement.

While diversity among Evangelical Anglicans is one of their strengths, fragmentation is not. Our desire is to see the various strands within Evangelicalism drawn together by a shared outlook that flows from historic Evangelicalism's commitment to Scripture, the cross, conversion and mission. We believe this commitment unites all Evangelicals, whether they count themselves as conservative, open or charismatic (or a mixture of all three). It is this that forms the centre of gravity which we seek to renew.

In Fulcrum's values pages, we set out our convictions and goals. Not all Evangelicals will be willing to subscribe to every one of them. Nor is it necessary to do so. They are a statement of what Fulcrum stands for: they are not a basis of faith to which all who wish to associate with us must subscribe. We deliberately seek to create a space in which genuine debate can take place in a spirit of non-defensiveness and gracious disagreement which acknowledges that the clash of ideas can be creative and worthwhile rather than threatening or destructive. As we say in our statement of goals, we want to affirm orthodoxy that is both generous and nourishing.

Rooted in the spirit of outwardness that marked the seminal National Evangelical Anglican Congresses at Keele in 1967 and Nottingham in 1977, Fulcrum aims to give a voice to those who identify with Evangelicalism's centre ground but who feel that their views are not adequately heard in the public arena. We long to see the movement renewed in its self-confidence and passion for the Gospel. We want to see God honoured in word and deed.

We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK: working for a united Church, confident in voice and inspired for mission, www.eauk.org. We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.


And we hope you will join us in our mission.

What are the Benefits?

  1. You will help strengthen the voice of the evangelical centre, including moderate conservative, open, and charismatic streams, contributing to the renewal of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.
  2. You will be connected with the network of fulcrum supporters, churches and local groups, encouraging and supporting one another through conferences and workshops.
  3. You will join the fulcrum online community through regular e-newsletters and online discussion and debate.