International Development and Lifestyle Choices

In her recent presentation at Beer and Theology, Hannah Swithinbank explores how Christianity and Christian discipleship intersect with international development and looks at ways that our own lifestyle choices – in relation to food, travel, home and “stuff” – connect with successful, sustainable development.


Ali Kings leads us to explore fragrance and our sense of smell through six themes: Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, Good Friday and Easter, Brokenness and Renewal, Odour of Sanctity, Senses and Sensing, Children and Animals.

Three Deaths in One Week – An Extended Meditation

Death never loses its power to shock and stun, to bring a life to an often juddering and jagged end; it is a daily alien reality that is built into life. But if we refuse to recognise the reality of its destructive potential, or deny its place in our lives and in society, we flee into dangerous denial.