Support Fulcrum

Fulcrum relies on donations to fund its work and website. As a network organisation it's possible to keep overheads low. Members of the Leadership Team give their time freely and support Fulcrum financially.

We would like to continue to upgrade and renew our website, strengthen our infrastructure and run study days and local mission field visits in different parts of the UK.

Please consider signing up on our website and making a donation, perhaps a one-off gift or £5 on a regular basis. Every little bit helps.

Fulcrum has deliberately chosen not to create an institutional membership, recognising that many people have multiple links. But if you share our vision and values and want to see our work expand, you might ask your Church Council to consider adding Fulcrum to its donation list. And please tell us if you know of Charitable Trusts who could assist with the development of Fulcrum's website and network hub.

Donate by PayPal

The best way to give money to Fulcrum is by using PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to give in this way - just a debit or credit card. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to support Fulcrum.

We are, of course, happy to accept a cheque as well.

Standing Orders and Giftaid

You can also donate by Standing Order and Giftaid any donations.

Download our Standing Order form and or our Giftaid form (pdfs).

If you are considering making a larger donation but want to talk this over with someone from the Fulcrum Leadership team, contact: [email protected]

or write to:

The General Secretary,
All Saints Vicarage,
Elm Grove Road,
W5 3JH