The Pope, same-sex unions, and the blessing of fornicating boxers

‘Pope says Roman Catholic priests can bless same-sex couples’ declared the BBC News website. It was not alone in this. Anglo-American newspapers, news outlets, and websites emblazoned across their banners this seemingly huge shift in the ethics and polity of the Roman Catholic Church. Liberal Roman Catholics such as James Martin SJ rejoiced; conservative Catholics were outraged. It … Continue Reading

Three Popes

The phrase “Electoral College” has been much discussed recently around the election of the new President of the United States of America. An older “Electoral College,” the Papal Conclave of the College of Cardinals, meets in the Sistine Chapel of the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican whenever a new pope is to be elected. In … Continue Reading

Tom Wright for Everyone

Tom Wright for Everyone Putting the Theology of N.T. Wright into practice in the Local Church (SPCK £9.99) by Stephen Kuhrt So what caused me to write a book with the somewhat cheeky title Tom Wright for Everyone? My motivation was simple: to provide more people with access to the ground-breaking biblical scholarship of N.T. … Continue Reading