History of Fulcrum

(for a longer history see 'Founding of Fulcrum' by Graham Kings, August Newsletter 2006)

July 2002, Rowan Williams appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

October 2002, concerning the attack from some conservative evangelicals on the appointment of Rowan Williams, quotation from Graham Kings in The Times, letter from Francis Bridger, Tim Dakin, Antony Thistelton, David Atkinson, and Nick Baines in The Guardian, resignation of Christina Rees from the Church of England Evangelical Council

October 2002, first 'proto-Fulcrum' meeting, in Twyford, near Reading, concerning an informal network

November 2002, article by Francis Bridger and Christina Rees in The Church Times on NEAC4 and the importance of inviting Rowan Williams, and letter from Graham Kings and Tim Dakin in The Church of England Newspaper about NEAC4

November 2002, February, April and July 2003, further meetings in Islington

3 September 2003, meeting in Islington, agreement to: the name of Fulcrum; the informal launch as an organisation at NEAC 4; the setting up a web page, with articles by Graham Kings and Andrew Goddard; the appointments of Francis Bridger as chair, Elaine Storkey and Tim Dakin as vice chairs, Graham Kings as Theological Secretary and Rod Green as Administrator

19-23 September 2003, informal launch of Fulcrum at NEAC 4 in the bar at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, over 4 evenings

October 2003, article on, and response to, emergency Primates' Meeting at Lambeth

5 November 2003, press conference and official launch of Fulcrum at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham, with sermon by Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham

May 2004, Fulcrum submission to the Lambeth Commission

October 2004, Fulcrum response to the Windsor Report

April 2005, Fulcrum Conference Islington, 'Inciting Insight: the Holy Spirit', with talks by Tom Wright, and Jane Williams

July 2005, first of Fulcrum newsletters

April 2006, Fulcrum Conference Islington, 'Gospel in Context', with talks by John Sentamu and David Ford

July 2006, first of Oliver O'Donovan's seven monthly Fulcrum web sermons


Fulcrum Conferences (2005-2018)

2005 ‘Inciting Insight: The Holy Spirit’, Tom Wright and Jane Williams, St Mary Islington.

2006 ‘Gospel in Context’, John Sentamu and David Ford, St Mary Islington.

2007 ‘Being Disciples’, Rowan Williams and Elaine Storkey, St Mary Islington.

2008 ‘Conflict and Covenant’, Tom Wright and Andrew Goddard, Union Chapel, Islington.

2009 ‘Spirituality of Unity’, Hugh Palmer, Adrian Chatfield, and Jane Morris, Christ Church, New Malden.

2013 ‘Women Bishops: Church in all its Fullness’, Rachel Treweek, Jody Stowell and Stephen Kuhrt, Christ Church, New Malden (co-sponsored with Yes2WomenBishops).

2018 ‘Good News: Global, Local, National’, Tom Wright, Rachel Marszelak, Anthony Poggo, Lambeth Palace.

Fulcrum Pivot Points (2014-2016)

2014 Sept, ‘Intentional Evangelism’, Chris Russell and Elaine Storkey, St James the Less, Pimlico.

2014 Nov, ‘Community Organsing’, Angus Ritchie and Caitlin Burbridge, St Peter’s Bethnal Green.

2015 Feb, ‘Engaging in Politics’, Maeve Sherlock and Caroline Spelman, Portcullis House, Westminster.

2015 April, ‘Reform and Renewal’, Pete Broadbent and Ian Paul, St James the Less, Pimlico.

2016, May, ‘Violence Against Women’, Elaine Storkey, St James the Less, Pimlico.


Fulcrum Beer and Theology (2016 -)

(co-sponsored with the Hurtado Jesuit Centre and the Centre for Theology in the Community).

@BeerandTheology sessions are listed here.

Beer and Theology Cambridge (2020 - )

Co-sponsored with the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and Ekklesia.

@BeerTheologyCam Sessions are listed here.