Three Poems: Easter 2023

Confluence: Maundy Thursday 2023

Confluence of Word and flesh,
in Palestine;
Confluence of Spirit and our spirits,
in our bodies;
Confluence of Body and Blood,
in bread and wine.


Crossed: Good Friday 2023

Delight of the Father,


Begotten, unmade;

Glory, gorified;

Chosen, forsaken;

Filler, emptied; Immensity, squeezed; Gatherer, isolated;

Teacher, distraught; Walker, lamed; Welcomer, woe-begone;

Renovator, degenerated; Healer, pained; Joiner, dislocated;

Devoted, devastated;

Protector, bludgeoned;

Bridger, downed;

Blesser, cursed;

Humility, humiliated;

Founder, lost;

Heaven, in hell;

Joy of the Earth,



Raid: Easter Sunday 2023



Death is

de-gated, unfenced,

dispossessed, deposed,

by the Spirit.

Dead Son is

declutched, unclasped,

snatched out, scooped up,

by the Father.


Graham Kings
These poems first appeared on Covenant

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