Future of Fulcrum

Fulcrum is pausing its website for a season. Due to work and family pressures, the members of the Executive Team have stepped down, amidst great thanks for all their ministry over the years. If people are interested in joining the Executive Team – and are in sympathy with the ethos of Fulcrum and our aim … Continue Reading

The Pope, same-sex unions, and the blessing of fornicating boxers

‘Pope says Roman Catholic priests can bless same-sex couples’ declared the BBC News website. It was not alone in this. Anglo-American newspapers, news outlets, and websites emblazoned across their banners this seemingly huge shift in the ethics and polity of the Roman Catholic Church. Liberal Roman Catholics such as James Martin SJ rejoiced; conservative Catholics were outraged. It … Continue Reading

Three Poems: Easter 2023

Confluence: Maundy Thursday 2023 Confluence of Word and flesh, in Palestine; Confluence of Spirit and our spirits, in our bodies; Confluence of Body and Blood, in bread and wine.   Crossed: Good Friday 2023 Delight of the Father, darkened. Begotten, unmade; Glory, gorified; Chosen, forsaken; Filler, emptied; Immensity, squeezed; Gatherer, isolated; Teacher, distraught; Walker, lamed; Welcomer, woe-begone; Renovator, … Continue Reading

What the bishops might also have said

A ‘Draft Explanatory Note’ intended to be attached to the House of Bishops’ Response to LLF has come to light. Its stated purpose is to ‘anticipate some likely questions the Response raises’ and to ‘enhance the theological integrity and intellectual honesty’ of the Response. It seems not to have won sufficient support for publication. We … Continue Reading

Last Rites for LLF?

What has happened? It is only two weeks since a leak from the House of Bishops concerning their proposals following the discernment period of the LLF process prompted instant and vehement reactions that spread further when it was followed the next day by a press release giving more details officially. It was not until Friday … Continue Reading