What the bishops might also have said

A ‘Draft Explanatory Note’ intended to be attached to the House of Bishops’ Response to LLF has come to light. Its stated purpose is to ‘anticipate some likely questions the Response raises’ and to ‘enhance the theological integrity and intellectual honesty’ of the Response. It seems not to have won sufficient support for publication. We … Continue Reading

‘Staying in the room where it happens’? A response to Lucy Winkett’s defence of establishment

A 2003 survey found that 42% of Anglican clergy and 35% of laity favoured a complete severance of constitutional ties between the Church of England and the state. Whatever the comparable figures today, it is reasonable to assume that a substantial minority of English Anglicans continue to harbour significant doubts about the church’s established status. … Continue Reading

The Beautiful Story, A Serious Mis-step

As part of its series responding to Living in Love and Faith, Fulcrum is inviting various writers to express their thoughts as a way of nurturing respectful dialogue. Jonathan Chaplin writes in response to the Church of England Evangelical Council’s video ‘The Beautiful Story’. A response to this article, written by Andrew Goddard, is accessible … Continue Reading

Christian Scholarship Beyond the Theological Guild

How are we to form Christian scholars in disciplines other than theology so the Church can offer public, intellectual engagement not only on those preoccupying internal academic debates within the theological guild or those currently animating the Church itself, but also those arising in ‘secular’ disciplines other than theology?

The Church of England and the Funeral of Baroness Thatcher

A comment on the most controversial funeral of the century.......

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