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A Time to Marry – Twice

A Time to Marry – Twice by Jonathan Chaplin I was married twice in the same day and I would like to recommend the practice. It is a perfectly normal occurrence in the Netherlands, as it is in many other countries where civil marriage ceremonies are entirely separate from the religious ceremonies taking place in […]

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Can the State 'Redefine' Social Institutions?

Can the State 'Redefine' Social Institutions? by Jonathan Chaplin As the argument over gay marriage begins to generate heat if not yet light it is evident that a fundamental question in the debate is going to be whether it is within the moral authority of the state to “redefine” something like marriage at all. While […]

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Law, Faith and Freedom: a Critical Appreciation of Archbishop Williams's lecture

Law, Faith and Freedom: a critical appreciation of Archbishop Williams’s lecture by Jonathan Chaplin The hysterical furore triggered by the ill-informed commentaries on Archbishop Rowan Williams’ lecture on ‘Civil and Religious Law in England’ is now subsiding and it is time to take stock. What has occurred is depressingly similar to an equally unedifying public […]

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