The Aims of Fulcrum

What are our Aims?

fulcrum aims to represent the centre ground of evangelical Anglicanism in the church and in wider society

fulcrum seeks to do this through the Church of England Evangelical Council and its Diocesan Fellowships, in synods, other church bodies, and through the media.

fulcrum aims to articulate the evangelical centre on a wide range of issues in both church and society.

fulcrum provides resources, online articles and book reviews for church leaders and members of local churches.

fulcrum aims to encourage evangelical Anglicans to develop a deeper understanding of theology, mission, discipleship and spirituality as they engage with contemporary culture, thought, and one another.

fulcrum offers an online community for fair and rigorous debate developing a nourishing and generous orthodoxy and a confident evangelical and Anglican ecclesiology.

What are our Roots?

As part of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion we embrace the full breadth of our roots in the Christian tradition from the Apostles, the Ecumenical Creeds and Councils, and faithful witness of the Church through the ages. We value specifically our Reformation heritage, renewed in the Great Awakening, and given expression through the cross-cultural missionary movement that formed the global Anglican Communion. We affirm and uphold as the doctrinal core of our unity the Basis of Faith of the Church of England Evangelical Council (full text available here).