Beer and Theology: Future Dates

Meetings are at 6:30-8pm, at The Angel pub, Rotherhithe (unless specified otherwise).

Friday 17 March – Richard Jordan, ‘Mark’s Gospel: good news for a church in numerical decline.’

Richard is a Beer and Theology regular and a parish priest in the Chelmsford Diocese, where he looks after three small congregations.

Friday 21 April – Jodi Hinds, ‘A Theology of Food.’

An evening to explore our relationship with food in our life ‘under the sun’. From ingredients and flavours, to mealtimes and celebrations, how does food interact with our relationship with God and each other?

Jodi is a food photographer, based in Hackney. She sometimes works under the motto of ‘shoot one, eat one’, resulting in a tasty working life!

Friday 19 May – Anita Justice, ‘A year living in Christian community.’

Anita Justice will share some reflections on the year that she and her family spent with the Chemin Neuf Community in Spain. The Chemin Neuf Community is a Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation. Chemin Neuf exists in 30 countries, including the UK. It draws people from many Christian traditions to live the adventure of community life together.

Friday 21 July – Leanne Sedin, ‘My Life Flows On In Endless Song… How Can I Keep From Singing?’ 

Leanne is a choir leader, music educator, singer and composer based in East London. She has long been fascinated and delighted by music, words and voices, and has explored this variously over the years through collaborative community songwriting, a PhD in psycholinguistics, composition using verbatim theatre techniques, and by gathering as many people together to sing as many songs as they can as often as possible. Leanne will help us reflect theologically on singing not only as a form of worship but also as a gift from God for our thriving, comfort, connection and joy.

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Past Beer and Theology Events (London)

60. Jon Kuhrt. 17/02/2023. ‘Why we need to get better at saying what we mean and meaning what we say.’
59. Natasha Klukach. 20/01/23. ‘Imago Dei from the Margins: A new orientation for the ecumenical movement?’
58. Julie Gittoes. 21/10/22. ‘Reflections on the Menopause.’
57. Andrew Bishop. 23/09/22. ‘“Both waking and sleeping”: a theological look at sleep.’
56. Charlie Watkins. 22/07/22. ‘Silence is Kept: Considering the Role of Silence in Life and Faith.’
55. Jarel Robinson-Brown. 10/06/22. ‘Prayer in Early North Africa.’
54. Lia Shimada. 08/04/2022. ‘Mapping Faith: Theologies of Migration and Community.’
53. Joshua Penduck. 04/03/2022. ‘The Forgotten Revolution: Or, how pop culture reshaped the Western heart.’
52. Alianore Smith. 28/01/2022. ‘A Christian response to modern day slavery and violence.’
51. Gary Jenkins. 26/11/2021. ‘The Church’s engagement with people from working class Communities.’
50. Kerry Yong. 29/10/2021. ‘From recitation to improvisation: reflections on musical practice, reading scripture and ad-libbing life.’
49. Richard Gatti. 24/09/2021. ‘The Church as Building.’
48. Stanley Njoka. 23/07/2021. ‘Hospital Chaplaincy during Covid.’
47. Rachel Noel. 21/05/2021. ‘Theology at the Borders of Psychosis: Transcendence of the artificial borders of sanity.’
46. Alan Gregory. 23/04/2021. ‘Does the Church need Futurology as well as Eschatology?’
45. David Clough. 19/03/2021. ‘Pandemics, deforestation and animal agriculture: How is animal agriculture connected with pandemic risks, biodiversity loss, and the climate crisis?’
44. Daphne Clifton. 19/02/2021. ‘Well-being, delegation and conflict: exploring the powerful mix of faith and work.’
43. Rosemarie Mallett. 15/01/2021. ‘“Mum, are we there yet?” Race, Gender and Class in the Mother Church – a testament to staying power and resilience.’
42. Corin Pilling. 13/11/2020. '"Jesus, Remember me, when you come into your kingdom." Exploring what dementia teaches us about personhood and the heart of God.'
41. Murray Macaulay. 16/10/20. 'We have no art, we do everything as well as we can’ (Sr Mary Corita).
40. Julie Gittoes. 25/9/20. ‘Great Realisations: the Church and Covid'.
39. Graham Kings. 17/7/20. ‘Nourishing Connections’, poems on women in the Bible.
38. James Mumford. 19/6/20. Vexed: Ethics Beyond Political Tribes.
37. Margaret Pritchard Houston. 22/5/20. Children, Childhood, God and Church.
36. Jay Colwill, 24/4/20. What are we learning about mission and the church during Covid 19?
35. Simon Hughes. 28/2/20. Politically and academically - is the UK a first class country any more?
34. Sarah Howard-Jones. 24/1/20. From Civil Service to Ordination.
33. Stephen Godsell.  22/11/19.  Wittgenstein and Newspapers Today.
32. Peter Welby. 18/10/19. Engaging with Islam.
31. Maria Wyard. 13/9/19. The State of Public Service Today.
30. Jane Steen. 19/7/19. Dr Johnson: Lay Theologian.
29. Adrian and Tom Greenwood. 14/6/19. Civil Society Futures.
28. Margaret Cave. 10/5/19. Being an Evangelist in the Parish.
27. Mark Clavier. 29/3/19. Consumer Culture: Insights from Augustine.
26. Muthuraj Swamy. 22/2/19. Reconciliation.
25. Hannah Swithinbank. 11/1/19. International Development and Lifestyle Choices.
24. Dr Frank Curry. 23/11/18. Jesus, the Church and the Poor?
23. Jemma Gilbert. 27/10/18. Social Prescription.
22. David Atkinson. 7/9/18. Climate Change.
21. Simon Stocks. 29/6/18. Lament.
20. Rose Waite. 25/5/18. Women and Power in the Workplace.
19. Loretta Minghella. 20/4/18. Power and Vulnerability.
18. Buki Fatona. 2/3/18. The Mind
17. Elizabeth Adekunle. 19/1/18. Feminism.
16. Guido de Graaff. 1/12/17. Friendship.
15. Dan Warnke. 27/10/17/ A Disabled Church?
14. Julie Gittoes 08/09/17. Singleness.
13. Prof Joanildo Burity 14/07/17. Religion and Politics in Brazil.
12. Dr Rachael Burke 16/06/17. Personhood, Death and the NHS.
11. Richard Sudworth 05/05/17. Christian-Muslim Relations.
10. Simon Lewis 17/03/2017. A Christian's heart for Art.
9. Jamie Klair 17/02/17. London's Nigerian Pentecostal Proliferation.
8. Dr Muthuraj Swamy 06/01/17. Inter Faith Dialogue: Is it Worth It?
7. Lily Botras 02/12/16. What Happened to the Arab Spring?
6. Andy Walton 04/11/16. Strike A Happy Media.
5. John Moffat SJ 16/09/16. Eucharistic Economics.
4. Angus Ritchie 01/07/16. What is Sacramental Life?
3. Jos Downey 13/05/16. Science and Theology.
2. Rebecca Gormally 18/03/16.
 Crisis in Children’s Care & Education.
1. David Barclay 05/02/16/ How churches talk about money.

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