Transcription of Sunday Programme, Alan Wilson and Ian Paul on Civil Partnerships, 26 January

Transcript of BBC Radio 5 Sunday Programme, 26 January 2020 Discussion on the Bishop’s Pastoral Statement on Civil Partnerships The original Sunday Programme discussion is available on the BBC Sounds website (discussion begins 01:07 to 09:30). Interviewer: William Crawley Interviewees: Rt Rev Dr Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, and Rev Dr Ian Paul, member of … Continue Reading

A message from Bishop Rachel to the Diocese of Gloucester regarding the release of the House of Bishops statement re civil partnerships. – Diocese of Gloucester.

It brought me deep joy yesterday morning to be with a group of clergy and laity on the final day of a two-year programme called THRIVE as they continued to reflect together on what it means to be the Church in their different contexts. At the heart of it is the generous love of God, … Continue Reading