Future of Fulcrum

Fulcrum is pausing its website for a season. Due to work and family pressures, the members of the Executive Team have stepped down, amidst great thanks for all their ministry over the years. If people are interested in joining the Executive Team – and are in sympathy with the ethos of Fulcrum and our aim … Continue Reading

The ‘devastating, outrageous’ impending closure of the Inter Faith Network – RMC

The impending closure of the Inter Faith Network after 37 years has shocked and dismayed faith leaders across the UK. The government says it is withdrawing funding because a new Inter Faith Network (IFN) trustee, Hassan Joudi, is associated with the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation which the government will not speak to due … Continue Reading

Biden sanctions aim to curb Jewish settler attacks. Some Israelis fear a wider impact. -RNS

“We are talking about Jewish terror,” said Avi Dabush, the CEO of Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli nongovernmental organization. “Their ideology stems from religious fanaticism.” According to that ideology, only Jews have the right and even obligation to live in what was once the biblical Land of Israel, and Palestinians are not welcome.  Michele … Continue Reading