Britain must help brave mother in fear of lynch mob’: Ex Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson demands Sajid Javid ignore the danger of retaliatory attacks to offer refuge to Pakistani women freed after eight years in prison on blasphemy charge – Daily Mail

Boris Johnson last night demanded a Pakistani Christian mother freed from death row be given refuge in Britain. Larisa Brown and Jason Groves. Daily Mail. 12 November 2018 Fulcrum

Faith, patience and a thick skin: How ethical investment can change the world – Christian Today

Ephesians tells us to put on the armour of God, and in September the Archbishop of Canterbury had to make full use of his as he faced a media backlash to comments he made about Amazon’s policies on corporation tax and staff wages. The Spectator branded him a ‘hypocrite’, the Guardian called him an ‘irrelevance’ … Continue Reading

National Trust is embroiled in ANOTHER row over political correctness after dropping BC and AD references from dates – Daily Mail

The National Trust was accused of dropping the terms BC and AD last night  Member David Pearson said a visit to a historic house was ruined by the omission Avebury Manor used BCE (before common era) instead of BC (Before Christ)  Mr Pearson said the ‘politically correct’ terms spoiled the visit for him  David Wilkes. … Continue Reading

‘It MUST be addressed’ Archbishop warms Christian persecution cannot be ignored – Sunday Express

ATTACKS on Christianity are being ignored all over the world because there is not a defined word for it, according to a UK Archbishop. Anba Angaelos, the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London, believes these acts of prejudice are “not seen as the phenomenon which we know it is” in the same way as anti-semitism or … Continue Reading