Eastern Wise Men Searched the Heavens – Hymn for Epiphany

Eastern wise men searched the heavens,
Seeking truth to understand.
Israel's God spoke through their wisdom,
Called them to the Promised Land.
Not for them a fiery pillar,
But a bright celestial light,
Leading pagan pilgrim magi
In the darkness of the night.

Coming to the Holy City,
Seeking for the newborn king.
There King Herod, ruling despot,
Rages at this news they bring.
Israel's prophets now direct them
On their way to Bethlehem.
Star and Scripture guide them forward
To the rod of Jesse's stem

Coming to the Holy Family,
Prostrate on the ground they fall.
Bowed in worship of Christ Jesus,
Helpless child yet Lord of all.
Gold they give to mark his kingship.
Myrrh foretells the death he'll die.
Frankincense unveils the mystery -
Here on earth dwells God Most High

Step by step in faith we travel
Like those wise men long ago.
God still speaks through Word and wisdom,
Leads us where we do not know.
He will guide us through life's dangers,
Till we see him face to face.
So we give ourselves in worship
To our faithful God of grace.

The meter is so many possible tunes including Abbot’s Leigh, Austria, Blaenwern, Nettleton.

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