The Primates’ Meeting of January 2016 – Fulcrum Resources

Gracious Father, 
who in your prophet Isaiah promised us
a Spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and inward strength, knowledge and true godliness:
breathe that same Spirit on the leaders of your church today,
that they may meet you in one another,
find perfect freedom in your service,
and bring forth your Spirit’s fruits of love, joy and peace;
that your church may be renewed in the form of your Son, born, crucified and risen
that we might be one with you and in you,
ever one God, merciful and mighty.

This page provides links to articles on the Fulcrum site and some from elsewhere relating to the 2016 Primates' Meeting.

Meeting Statements

Fulcrum articles

Other articles

Responses to the Primates' Statement and Communique

In addition to the ACO pages relating to the Primates' Meetings there is an official site for this gathering and an official Twitter account @Primates2016 and a hashtag (#Primates2016)

Meeting Statements

Statement from Primates 2016

Communique from Primates 2016

Press Conference

Fulcrum articles

Statements from Past Primates' Meetings (1979-2011)

Primates' Meetings under Rowan Williams (2003-2011) by Andrew Goddard

High Stakes, Three Facts by Bowman Walton

The Anglican Communion: Consensus, Conundrum, Consequences, Conversation and Confession by Andrew Goddard

An Agonistic Ecclesiology: Ephraim Radner's "A Brutal Unity" by Paul Avis (editorial from Ecclesiology)

Review of Good Disagreement? (Eds, Atherstone & Goddard, Lion 2015) by Chris Sugden

What Is the Primates' Meeting All About? by Ian Paul

Review of Good Disagreement? (Eds, Atherstone & Goddard, Lion 2015) by Paul Avis

Open Letters, Unsolicited Advice: The Primates' Meeting, 2016 by Zachary Guiliano

What Does Grace Demand? by Ian Paul

Sexuality and the Anglican Communion by Andrew Goddard

Following the meeting:

Fulcrum Response to the Primates' Statement by Fulcrum

What Does the Primates' Statement Mean? by Ian Paul

Blaming the Africans: Cultural Imperialism and the Meeting of Primates by Esau McCaulley

The Centre Holds: Primates 2016 by Graham Kings

Links to other articles

George Conger is offering short biographical profiles of the Primates

Anglican Mainstream has a page of links to news and commentary

Martyn Percy has written two pieces - Sex, Sense and Non-Sense for Anglicans followed by Sexuality and the Citizenship of Heaven.  This has led to a number of responses including those by

Christopher Craig Brittain, author of a recent book on US Anglicanism, has written The Primates’s Dilemma: Game Theory and the Anglican Communion

Colin Coward, former Director of Changing Attitude, has written about why Peaceful co-existence in the Anglican Communion is a state most deeply to be desired

Letter to ACNA from its Archbishop, Foley Beach

The Living Church on Primatial Option for the Covenant

Mark Harris, TEC priest, on Why the Primates Meeting is important

Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden in the Church of England newspaper ask Must Canterbury fall?

David Ould, Portents, Prophecy and Predictions: What will happen at the Primates' Meeting?

Mark Chapman, Try Deep Consultations, Not Rushed Decisions

The Living Church ran a series of important articles in 2011-12 under the general heading Our Unity in Christ: In Support of the Anglican Covenant.  They are all well worth reading but particularly helpful as background to the Primates' Meeting is Robert Prichard's The Anglican Communion: A Brief History Lesson

David Ison, Dean of St Paul's, on Anglicans need each other despite deep split over homosexuality

Further responses to Martyn Percy by Martin Davie and Ian Paul

John Martin on What's At Stake for Primates?

David Roseberry, Canon for Mission in ACNA, on Why We Should Care About Canterbury

Zachary Guiliano, editor of Covenant, Open Letters, Unsolicited Advice: The Primates' Meeting, 2016.

Anglican Communion News Service - Archbishop Welby: Schism would be a failure, but not disaster [Transcript of interview with Today on Radio 4]

Address to Primates' Meeting - this is the reported text of Archbishop Justin's address to the Primates although Lambeth Palace has neither confirmed nor denied its authenticity.

Sally Hitchiner - The Schism in the Anglican Church Might be a Good Thing

Jess Zink, On Beyond Primates

Neil Dhingra, The Primates and the "Reality" of the Anglican Communion

Praying Presence: The Community of St Anselm at Primates 2016

John Martin, Primates Suspend TEC Over Same-Sex Decisions

Zachary Guiliano, editor of Covenant, Rumours of Communion's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Responses to the Primates' Statement & Communique

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba (South Africa) on the Primates' Statement

Archbishop Mouneer Anis (Jerusalem and the Middle East) on the Primates' Statement

GAFCON on the Primates' Statement

Report of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's (TEC) response to the Statement

Sam Wells, St Martin in the Fields - To All Who Read The Primates' Statement with Grief and Dismay



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