Meeting the odd god of atheism

Meeting the odd god of atheism by Elaine Storkey Originally publised in Church Times 28th January 2011 Meeting a former university colleague I noticed with interest how some of his previous views had changed. This wasn’t surprising, for maturity challenges many of our attitudes and ideas. What was more surprising was that when he began to talk … Continue Reading

A past decade that leaves us guessing for the future

A past decade that leaves us guessing for the future By Elaine Storkey, Chair of Fulcrum Smart social theorists used to be good at forecasting future trends. They could be relied upon for recognizing the likely impact of demographic changes, shifts in values and lifestyle, technology and communication. When everyone else was living in an … Continue Reading

The Long Life of an Un-confessed Lie

The Long Life of an Un-confessed Lie by Elaine Storkey first published by Church Times It is interesting how long a lie hangs around. It is more than ten years since tennis icon Andre Agassi used a forbidden drug, but now he admits he lied to the Association of Tennis Professionals to escape a ban. … Continue Reading

Our Responsibility in the Congo

Our Responsibility in the Congo by Elaine Storkey republished, with permission, from The Church Times, 7 November 2008 It is common to contrast the breathtaking natural beauty of the Eastern Dem­o­cratic Republic of Congo with the barbarism of the armed conflict there. The tall moun­tains, sparkling lakes, and fertile mango forests seem too pure a … Continue Reading

The Challenge to Economics

The Challenge to Economics by Elaine Storkey an expanded version of the BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day, 15 May 2008 and co-published with Dagen the Swedish journal, 20 May 2008 Over the last few weeks a seismic shock has occurred in the UK economy. It seems that the age of profligate expenditure is … Continue Reading

Learning in Haiti by Elaine Storkey

Learning in Haiti by Elaine Storkey Being with Christians in other cultures is always a time of learning. This month’s lessons took place for me in Haiti, a Caribbean country described as one of the world’s poorest nations outside Africa. And indeed it is a place rife with problems. More than half of its population … Continue Reading

“Being Disciples” – 2007 Conference, Elaine Storkey

The story of Jesus calling his disciples is one that used to be communicated to every child in our country. There was something so poignant, immediate, attractive about this charismatic figure appearing to random working men in the middle of earthy, everyday tasks and saying ‘follow me.’ There is something unforgettable about a bunch of … Continue Reading